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A note to our Livermore neighbors,

The CEMEX Eliot Facility was the subject of an online petition and we would like to correct some misinformation.   

The CEMEX Eliot team submitted its updated reclamation plan amendment application to Alameda County in December, 2016.  It can be found in its entirety here.  Additionally:  
1.      Alameda County has indicated they will prepare an EIR for the proposed Reclamation Plan Amendment – which the petition requests.  After initial review of CEMEX’s application, the County will publish a Notice of Preparation for the EIR and schedule a public scoping meeting.

2.      The 1981 EIR referenced in the petition was prepared for the Livermore Amador Valley Quarry Reclamation Plan (Specific Plan), not the Eliot SMP-23 Reclamation Plan.  In 1981, Alameda County adopted the Specific Plan for Livermore-Amador Valley Reclamation (LAVQAR), which first established the idea of a “Chain of Lakes” and mandated that mining companies shape mined pit areas into “lakes” and return certain lakes to Zone 7 use following the cessation of mining and reclamation activities.  Subsequently, as an entirely separate action, the County prepared a Mitigated Negative Declaration (pursuant to CEQA for the CEMEX Surface Mining Permit – 23 (SMP-23) reclamation plan, which was approved in 1987.  CEMEX’s application seeks to amend the current Reclamation Plan (SMP-23), not the Specific Plan.  

3.        CEMEX supplied electronic and paper copies of the new application to Alameda County, Zone 7, and the City of Livermore, and an electronic copy to the Tri-Valley Preservation Association.

As always, we will meet with any interested neighbor.  Please send questions or comments to community@cemexeliotfacility.com.  

December 2016 Reclamation Plan Amendment Application

CEMEX was pleased to file its application for an updated reclamation plan amendment with Alameda County on December 21. You can find the complete application here.

The map above shows the proposed final status of the Eliot facility at the conclusion of reclamation.

 A letter to our neighbors…

CEMEX Eliot drafted the letter below in response to a series of question provided to our team following a meeting of Livermore neighbors earlier in 2016.  We expect this letter will correct the misconceptions in the community regarding our plans at Lake A, and we hope it answers many of the questions you have. 


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We welcome the opportunity to meet with any interested neighbor if you would like to discuss our plans further, and we will continue to share information as it becomes available.  We’ve also posted all available geotechnical studies conducted a Lake A, which can be found here.

Please note: if you would like to contact the Eliot team regarding information in the letter or any other issue, please email community@cemexeliotfacility.com.  


Welcome to the CEMEX Eliot Facility website, part of our on-going efforts to provide the community with up-to-date information about our operations and activities.

Work began at Eliot more than a century ago, as Americans moved west to California seeking their fortunes. The region’s prosperity created a need for construction materials that has continued to this day. Concrete aggregates – the sand and rock that makes concrete sturdy – are the main products from Eliot, and are an integral part of the construction industry. The Eliot Facility is proud to be a part of building signature Bay Area projects, such as the new Bay Bridge span and the Trans Bay Terminal.

CEMEX submitted a proposal to Alameda County  in August 2014 to improve its reclamation plan for the Eliot Facility. A reclamation plan is a detailed description of how the land will be restored after mining operations have ceased.

See the project overview section of the website for more details about our plans and the process for review and approval. Please call 925.426.2284 to alert CEMEX Eliot to any issues you would like to see addressed. You can also email any questions or comments you have to community@cemexeliotfacility.com and someone from our project team will get back to you.


www.cemexeliotfacility.com is an initiative of CEMEX, and not affiliated with Alameda County, or any government or regulatory body. The information provided on the site solely reflects CEMEX’s views and positions and is not meant to indicate any kind of government approval or endorsement.